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Ever since the company was founded in May 1989 until today, the mission of Sokolov Ltd is to be the most reliable partner in construction. The experience, flexibility and innovative approach bring the company long term, loyal clients, with whom we are proud. With the production of concrete and concrete elements, developed for over 30 years, we unconditionally support the builders towards their goal to develop the needed infrastructure.

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Concrete elements

When founded in 1989, Sokolov begins to offer concrete elements. In the end of the 20th century, the product range was modest and the production was done in plastic forms. Today Sokolov offers over 140 products and each one can be ordered in any color. We often accept the challenge to design and develop a product for a specific customer order. This is possible due to the experienced and creative crew that works with us, as well as the equipment and machines that we use.


In 2005, only 16 years after the company was founded, Sokolov began offering raw concrete. Since then we try to improve every single aspect of concrete production. Periodically we expand the concrete plants and their number, so we can supply even the biggest sites. In our laboratory, our experienced crew constantly revise, test and improve our concrete recipes. We strive to be in contact with the newest technologies and materials and to implement the suitable innovation. That is why Sokolov is the concrete supplier with the largest range of certified concrete mixtures in the area.

Our services

Ever since its existence, Sokolov Ltd. offers to its clients not only materials and products, but we also invest in services that make their use easier.

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