"Sokolov" Ltd.

“Sokolov” Ltd. is one of the first private companies established in Bulgaria in March 1989. The company established itself by producing two types of concrete tiles and curbs. As a result of the demand and development of the company, the range of products increases. Due to the ingenuity of its creator, eng. St. Sokolov, the company spots and addresses the needs of the market and developing construction. Many times it was necessary to quickly transform and implement new technology depending on the emerging sites. Thus, the company creates a base built and maintained with great experience.

At the moment the new and custom orders are a challenge. 

Experienced professionals

The professionals that work with us quickly manage to develop the client's desired products.

Wide product range

Raw concrete, concrete products and steel reinforced products

Quick growth

The company tries to quickly recognize the needs of the market and the developing construction techniques.

Individual solutions

Quick shift and implementation of new technology in dependence of the sites coming up.


Our services