Sokolov Ltd has 4 plants for producing:


Classes based on compressive strength

>  С8/10 (В10)

>  С12/15 (В15)

>  С16/20 (В20)

>  С20/25 (В25)

>  С25/30 (В30)

>  С30/37 (В35)

>  С35/45 (В45)

>  С40/50 (В50)

According to БДС EN 206

Cement mixtures

> 1:1     > 1:2      > 1:3

Cement screed mixes can be made with the appropriate moisture and consistence as required by the client.


The concrete mixtures of Sokolov Ltd. are made from materials with proven quality and certified suppliers.

CEM I 52.5R

Cement CEM I 52,5R

Речен пясък 0-4мм

River sand, fraction 0-4 mm

Aggregate 0-4mm

Fine aggregate 0-4 mm


Aggregate, 4-11 mm

Coarse aggregate, 11,2-22,4 mm


Activated fly ash


  • Additive for slow curing Retarder
  • Superplasticizer Polidos TC-61
  • Additive for faster curing for winter use FOC
  • Polypropylene fibers


The company produces concrete products in many colors such as red, yellow and green, but we can also produce customized colors, according with the client’s wishes.