Through the years at Sokolov we were fortunate to have a couple of concrete pumps Schwing and Cifa, that have the best reputation in that area. Buying brand new concrete pump and mixer/pump was a step towards improving the quality and reliability of the services we offer to our clients.


The PUMP is with a 47 meter boom, made partly of carbon, which leads to lower weight and therefore minimizes vibrations for safer and easier use on the site. The machine can pump up to 180 cubic meters per hour- enough to fulfill the needs of the biggest sites.


The MIXER/PUMPS are on 4-axle chassis from Mercedes with superstructures Cifa- MK28L-5. By combining a mixer and a pump, those machines become two in one and this allows quicker and more efficient delivery.


Pumping the concrete is necessary on every construction site, but the execution can be dangerous. It is of great importance to stabilize the machine properly, which is a difficult job by itself in such tight cities like Veliko Tarnovo. Therefore, after you make your inquiry, our operator will have a look on site and give a statement where the execution will be possible. After we agree, the responsibility is on us.

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